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KSB Patient Portal is a secure web interface for healthcare providers to provide patient-specific information. The KSB Patient Portal makes it easy for physicians and other skilled professionals to find the clinical data they need, complete tasks, medical bill payments, and send messages faster and easier than ever before.

Do you want to know more about the KSB Patient Portal Login? If yes, then this article will be helpful for you. Here, we will share KSB patient portal benefits, KSB Patient Portal Login guide, KSB Hospital Contact Information, KSB Bill Pay Guide, and many more.

About Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital

Dr. Katherine Shaw Bethea founded Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital. The hospital has provided excellence in healthcare and healthcare innovation through the more than a century of service offered to the residents. The hospital is also dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare services with the availability of advanced treatments, equipment, and personnel who are willing to render service irrespective of race, creed, religion, or color.

KSB Patient Portal

KSB Patient Portal

KSB Patient Portal brings together data from disparate and diverse sources, presenting them in one common application. KSB Patient Portal provides access to clinical documents like lab results, diagnostic images, summaries from PACS systems, patient education materials, billing records, and other patient-specific information. This enables physicians and allied healthcare professionals to find the information they need quickly and easily.

Benefits of KSB Hospital Patient Portal

There are several benefits of the KSB patient portal. Here we will discuss the primary benefit of the KSB Patient Portal:

1. Easy access to clinical documents, specialist consultations, and more information on patient care.

2. Faster access to accurate and up-to-date information about patients, facilitating more effective communication between the caregivers and physicians involved in a patient’s treatment.

3. Easier access to care plans and one-click access to share these care plans with other caregivers.

4. Easier access to all lab test results, images, documents associated with a particular patient.

5. Faster Billing Process: The ability for users to pay their bill online using debit/credit card and the ACH option, which allows payment to be debited from a bank account.

6. Meaningful Use Stage 2 Documentation: KSB Hospital Patient Portal is capable of capturing patient demographics, clinical observations, problem list, medication list, procedures performed (C-codes), immunization status (Y/N), smoking status (Y/N).

7. Secure email messaging to other users like physicians and nurses.

KSB Patient Portal Login Requirements

  • KSB healthcare patient portal login web address
  • KSB patient portal valid User ID and Password.
  • Internet browser that is compatible with the KSB hospital patient portal official website.
  • Laptop or PC or Smartphone or Tablet with Reliable internet access.

How to Login Into KSB Healthcare Patient Portal?

To Login Into KSB Healthcare Patient Portal, please follow the following steps:

1. Visit the KSB Patient Portal official website at www.ksbhospital.com/patient-portal/.

2. Click on the “Login Icon” in the middle of the screen or select “Login” from the drop-down menu

3. Enter your User ID and Password and click on the “Login” button

4. After successfully logging in, please be sure to change your default password by clicking on “Change Password.” Otherwise, you will not be able to access your account from another device without entering the correct login credentials. 

5. After changing your default password, you will then see a welcome window, which has shortcuts to all vital information and services that you need from your account like “Favorites,” “Recent Documents,” “Medication Reminders,” etc.

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How to Pay Medical Bills Through KSB Patient Portal?

You can pay your medical bill online at KSB Patient Portal. To Pay Medical Bill Through the KSB Healthcare Patient Portal, please follow the following steps: –

  • Visit the official website of KSB Hospital Patient Portal at www.ksbhospital.com/patient-portal/.
  • From the homepage, click on the “Pay Bill Online” icon or select “Pay Bills” from the drop-down menu.
  • You will see a drop-down box with options “Pay Bill” and “Sign Up For E-Billing.” Click the option “Pay Bill” to proceed. Note: If you do not have an account, you can sign up for e-billing by clicking on the option “Sign Up For E-Billing.” To continue without signing up for e-billing, please click the option “Pay Bill.”
  • Select your preferred payment methods like Debit card, Credit Card, or ECS (Electronic Check) and enter all the required details. Note: You can pay using the ACH facility also – Please call KSB Hospital customer care to know more about that.
  • After successfully making the payment, you can view your recent activities from this screen. Click on “Click here to log out.” You will be automatically logged out of KSB Healthcare Patient Portal after viewing your recent activity details.
  • During the e-billing registration process, make sure you download a copy of all your bills and statement, so you’ll be able to access them from the patient portal after registration.

KSB Hosptial Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding KSB Patient Portal or have complaints, feel free to contact the hospital customer care at the following numbers:

Final Words

This is all about the KSB Patient Portal Login at www.ksbhospital.com/patient-portal/ and KSB medical bill payments online. We hope you find a successful login to this KSB hospital portal and manage your medical records, bills, statement easily. If you have any queries related to KSB Hospital Patient Portal, let us know through the comment.

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