Paycom Login Not Working – Troubleshooting Tips 2023

Are you facing issues in log in to your paycom account? Is the paycom login not working? Don’t worry; you are in the right place. Here, you will know the solutions that will help you log in to your paycom self-service account.

Paycom: Online Payroll & HR Software

Paycom is a Cloud-based payroll and human resource software provider specially designed for employees. Employees can check their work schedules, payroll processing, important announcements, discounts, employee benefits, punches, etc. And they can also request to change in punch and add missed punch through this portal. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, so a non-technical person can easily understand and access its features.

Steps to Login Paycom Employee Self-Service Account

Sometimes the user doesn’t know the login process—that is why he/she faces the issue. So, first, you should know the steps to log in to the paycom employee portal.

Following is the step-by-step guide for paycom employee self-service login:

  • Open your device’s browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).
  • Now open the official site of the paycom –
  • On the website’s main menu, you will see an option for Login. Click on that.
  • Then, a drop-down menu will appear on your screen. There will be three options – Employee, Client, and Accountant.
  • So, here we are talking about employee login, so you have to select the employee option.
  • Then, you will take to the employee self-service login webpage.
  • You will need to enter your paycom username, password, and last four digits of your SSN to log in to your account.
  • After entering all details correctly, click on the ‘Login’ button.
  • If you have forgotten your paycom password, then you can reset it through paycom. But don’t enter an incorrect password. It can lead to your account being locked out.
  • If you forget your username, you should contact your HR or payroll manager.

Paycom Login Not Working?

There are many reasons due to those you can face login problems at paycom. Sometimes issues can be on your end, and sometimes it can be on the paycom end. Following are the things which you can do to solve login issues if paycom login is not working:

Refresh the Page

When you face a login problem, you should refresh your page. And sometimes, you see the site can’t reach the issue. That also can be fixed by refreshing the page.

Try to Login in Different Browser

You can try a different browser to Login into the paycom employee self-service portal. Because browsers also can create an issue or maybe due to browser settings, not working. And it can also be possible your browser is not compatible with the browser which you are using. So, it would help if you will try another browser.

Clear Browser Cache

Browser cache also can create an issue in Login. So, clear your browser cache and cookies, then refresh the browser. Then, check paycom website is working or not.

Check Auto-Fill Credentials

Auto-fills also can be a reason for paycom login not working problem because your browser auto-fill saves all of your credentials, which you enter on any site. So, if you forget your credentials, it can help you in that situation. But sometimes details can be saved wrong by mistake. So, if you are using auto-fill to enter your login details, check whether it is correct or not.

Check Antivirus or Firewall

If any firewall or antivirus is installed in your device, it turns off it or use any other device to log in to your paycom account. Because when antivirus seems that you are visiting any suspicious site, it blocked the site for your data safety.

Contact Paycom Team  

Did you try all the above solutions? Still, the paycom login is not working? Then, it can be possible there is any bug in the paycom website. So, you should contact the paycom customer service team to report the bug. Following are the Contact details of the paycom helpdesk team:

  • Phone Number: 800-580-4505 OR 405-722-6900

Final Words

We hope our article will help you to fix paycom login issues. And you will able to access your account. If you want to ask anything related to the paycom site not working, let us know through comments.

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3 thoughts on “Paycom Login Not Working – Troubleshooting Tips 2023”

  1. I haven’t been able to log in to my account since we started using paycom
    I’m a manager. Every time I want to use it I have to bother our HR person
    My employer refuses to do anything about it

  2. For some reason Im suddenly unable to login into my paycom. Ive had HR help a few times…but when Im at home now trying to login in its not working and refers me back to HR. This has never happened so often to me before. Not sure if theres a bug in the sysytem or what? But i hate to go back to HR as they are busy with other things. For the most part i enjoy paycome…never had it act this way or be difficult til now. Hope you can maybe help.



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