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My-estub is a Paperless Pay employee payroll portal, which is conducted by the Paperless Pay Corporation. It helps employees of the companies who use it to check their paystubs. Staff members also can view a summary of their old paystub.

My estub also allows employees to check benefit programs and employee discounts providing by the company.

my estub faqs

Is email necessary to get paystub related information?

No, there are other ways also available to get paystub related information. My-estub also provides an SMS option, which you can choose to receive your paperless pay stubs information. It will send you a text message on your mobile about your pay statement.

This way, you can get information about your paystubs every month. It is the best way to get pay stubs to update without login at every time.

I forgot My-Estub username – What to do now?

If you don’t have to remember your estub username, you can retrieve it by contacting myestub customer service @ (800) 489-1711.

First, they will verify that you’re the right person or not because it can be possible that someone else is trying to know your username and password.

So, to pretend from the fraud, they will ask you some security questions and ask you to send documents that can help verify your identity. After verification, they will help you to reset or recover your username.

Is it safe to use a my-estub account using my personal computer?

Yes, it is safe and secure to access and use your my estub account on your laptop or personal computer. It is verified by the annual certification program called SAS70 that is conducted by the Paperless Pay Corporation.

Now you don’t need to worry while accessing the my-esub portal. For more information about SAS70.

My password is disappearing on clicking the login button – How to fix this issue?

If your password disappears on clicking the employee portal’s login button and your myestub account, not login. And it is not showing any error. Then, there is a security program that is blocking you from accessing my estub official website.

So, to solve this issue, you have to allow website from the setting. For this, go to the settings of your browser and set as a safe site/allowed site.

Generally, after allowing the site, your problem will solve. But still, you are facing the issue, call my estub customer service/customer care number.

I am facing an issue while accessing myestub portal from Internet Explorer 9. What do I do?

If you are facing issues while accessing your my-estub account. Then make sure your browser ‘Compatibility Viewing Settings’ include the website

If the site is not already had, then you need to add it. After that, you will be able to log in to your account from internet explorer 9 also.   

How do I unlock the my-estub account?

If your myestub account is locked, you need to contact the my estub helpdesk at 1-800-489-1711 or 910-615-4182. Request them to unlock your account. There are many reasons to lock myestub account. Some of them are as follows:

  • If you enter the wrong password more than five times, so your myestub account will be locked.
  • When my-estub team recognize any suspicious activity, so they lock your account to pretend your information to theft.

If someone knows my employee id, can he/she access my-esub account?

No, he/she can’t access your my estub account because he will require a password and the last four digits of your Social Security Number for login at

Can I only access Paperless Paystubs using an email account?

No, there are other ways that you can use to view and receive paystubs. For instance, you can set up your my-estub account for sending pay stubs via SMS on my estub employee portal.

And you can directly view your pay stubs on the my-estub portal, and you can save and print it if you want to do it.

You can also check your paystubs history through my estub employee portal and request to send a summary of it on your email id.

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