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Paperless Pay: Paperless Pay is an online payroll management software. With paperless-pay, companies can complete all the payments digitally rather than on paper. Also, the employees’ data are electronically stored on the portal to access it online on their device.

The my-estub portal is the US-based one of the best paperless-pay portals. It provides quality and secure services. The employee can view all their information and manage them from one dashboard.

My-estub Paperless Pay – 

Myestub payperless pay

My-estub is specially designed for the employees. There is an option of an employee portal where you can access your my estub employee portal account.

Employees can view their payroll processing status, paychecks, pay hours, benefits programs, discounts, and other payment-related information digitally on the myestub website.

Using my estub employee portal, employees can also get the following information immediately anytime from their device:

  • Virtual timesheets
  • Pay stubs
  • W2 forms

Note: You also can access your previous paytubs data on the my-estub website. 

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My-estub Paperless Pay Advantages

There are many advantages to my estub paperless Pay. Following are some of them:

  • Myestub reduces the companies’ workload to manage employee details and answer their payroll, paystubs related queries. It helps them to manage the employment life cycle completely.
  • It is also beneficial for employees. They can view their paystubs, paychecks, bonus, employee discounts, etc. on the my estub employee portal anytime.
  • Employees can also check their previous pay stubs summary and request to send a copy of it on their email address, which is registered with the my estub employee portal.
  • My-estub provides up to date and immediate information.
  • Employees can access this website anytime and anywhere.
  • You must have login credentials to login to your my-estub account provided by the companies to their employees after the joining or first direct deposit.
  • It is an easy and secure portal. As the username and password are required to log in to any employee’s account, that means my estub paperless pay corporation keeps your data safe and confidential.
  • As your data is electronically saved, so it is a very unlikely chance to lost and corrupted from the portal. And you can view your records anytime.
  • All information can be viewed from one dashboard.
  • If companies use payroll software (, they don’t need to hire an accountant to manage payroll.
  • It reduces costs associated with the paper, ink, toner, and related printing costs, which occur if we use paper to record the employees’ data. So, my-estub paperless-pay stores data digitally on their online portal.  

My-estub Paperless Pay Disadvantages

Following are the disadvantages of my estub employee portal:

  • My-estub software is cloud-based, so the users need to update it from time to time if any new payroll laws or Tax rates are imposed.
  • You should not save your login credentials on your device because it can be theft by hackers also check MOTOSafety Login. .
  • You should not use any other device to log in to your my-estub employee account. Because the autofill feature can save your details, if you use it, then don’t forget to remove it and clear history also.

To access my-estub easily, read our My-estub Login Guide.


More and more companies are moving towards the paperless pay system to increase their employees’ efficiency and accessibility.

But the company must be careful while choosing the paperless pay software because there are many portals where your data can be leaked or sold to your competitors.

My-estub is the best payroll management software. It keeps your records secure and convenient to access.   

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