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Paycom Manager Login: Paycom provides managers tools which help them to manage pay-period duties from one dashboard. There are many H.R. tasks which can be performed through paycom manager self-service login. And sometime before, it has launched their one more feature for the managers – “Manager on-the-Go” mobile tool where you can easily access paycom manager login portal through paycom application anytime on your mobile.

paycom manager login

Do you want to know about manger on-the-go and take benefits of it? So, this article will be very helpful for you. In this article, we will discuss paycom manager login and manger on-the-go mobile tool in detail.

About Paycom 

Paycom Software, Inc., trading as Paycom, is a cloud-based payroll and human resource management software which helps companies to manage their employment-related tasks. It is a U.S. based one of well-known payroll management software. Its headquartered is in Oklahoma City, OK, U.S. which operates throughout the United States.

Paycom Manager Self-Service Software

Paycom manager self-service software is an online portal for the supervisors and the managers. It helps them to do many tasks from one solution, such as approve or decline time off requests of the employees, edit timecards, resolve employee punch related issues, approve timecards, and much more. They can access paycom portal anytime and anywhere.  

Paycom Manager on-the-Go mobile tool

Paycom has introduced a mobile tool called manger on the go where you can access manager self-service login on your mobile from paycom application. Paycom helps managers and supervisors to complete essential management tasks through paycom mobile app from anywhere and anytime.

With the help of paycom manager on-the-go tool, the manager can do their ongoing duties from anywhere. They have 24/7 hours accessibility on their mobile, and the best thing is that you don’t require any additional login or user information to access manager on-the-go tool.  

“We understand work doesn’t stop coming in when leaders are away from their desks,” said Chad Richison, Paycom’s founder and CEO. “Manager on-the-Go enhances usage patterns and the interactions within organizations among leaders and employees. It gives a company’s leaders the ability to efficiently accomplish tasks on Paycom’s mobile app, which frees H.R. departments.”

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What tasks can be performed through paycom manager self-service login?

There is a verity of tasks which you can perform through paycom manager login portal. Following are some of them:

  • Paycom manager self-service helps you to remove the administrative burden of the H.R. manager, means you can do employee timekeeping and scheduling.
  • It helps supervisors and managers to check the performance report of the employees, and they can easily track it.
  • They can edit and approve timecards request.
  • It helps them to approve punch change and add missed punch of the employees.
  • They can create and approve personnel action forms via paycom manager self-service login.
  • They can approve expenses for reimbursement anytime through paycom portal.
  • Managers can access their team’s time-off calendar and also approve time-off requests.
  • They can monitor employee accruals and demographics on it.
  • There is a section “Ask Here” where all the queries of the employee collected. Hence, paycom manager self-service login helps you to answer the questions of the employees and also resolve their pay and punch related issues.

What are the benefits of the paycom manager on-the-go mobile tool?

There are many benefits of the paycom manager on-the-go mobile tool. Some of those we listed below:

  1. 24/7 Hours Accessibility: Manager can access this tool 24 hours and seven days a week. They can perform tasks from anywhere and anytime from their mobile through paycom app. 
  2. No Additional Login Credentials Required: To access manager on-the-go tool, you don’t need any additional login credentials. It is available in the same manger login panel.  
  3. Increase Employee Trust: This tool helps you to approve employees time-off, punch change, etc. request on time and respond to their queries fast. So ultimately, it increases employee trust and their work efficiency.  


Paycom always tries to provide more and more features and advance services to their clients. So, with manager on-the-go mobile tool, its aim is that your work doesn’t stop when you are not on your desk. Now, the manager can perform their tasks anytime easily on their mobile.  

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